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Walls of Fame means genuine memorabilia – guaranteed provenance, quality, originality and certified to prove it!

Your memorabilia means nothing, emotionally or in terms of value, if it is not authentic. All our products are certified genuine, and often have been created in a dedicated signing session, where authenticity of the item is guaranteed. Our signatures carry a guarantee of authenticity, and we will never sell copies or reproductions of signatures. 

We have different security feautures that will reassure all of our customers that they will receive a genuine and valid item. In order to prove to our customers that we are a trustworthy source, with every product we send a Certificate of Authenticity which is hand signed by a Walls of Fame member of staff , a hologram along with a registered AFTAL number and finally a photo of the signing session relating to the product where available. 

Below you can see example of our Certificates: 





         Here is our AFTAL number click to see our details              on the official AFTAL site

         AD#157 Walls Of Fame








Please feel free to call us and ask a member of our team about the provenance of any individual item. Our  knowledgeable and experienced team are there to help  you.