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Golf Memorabilia, Signed Severano Ballesteros Gold Frame

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Golf Memorabilia, Signed Severano Ballesteros Gold Frame

Severano Ballesteros from Cantabria, Spain is renowned as being one of the greatest golfers ever in the history of the game

The Spaniard had 91 professional career wins, winning 5 major championships all within a ten year period. (1979-1988)

Seve broke many records both individual and in teams. In the Ryder Cup his most famous victory was when he captained the European side in the first ever Ryder Cup that had been hosted in Europe.

The Spaniard was considered such a legend and a global icon that many players and countries payed tributes to him when he passed away.

The Santander Airport was changed to the "Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport" and also the first Ryder Cup after his death saw every player wear Seve's famous navy blue and white garments to pay their respects to the player.

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